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COVID Protocols - If you or anyone in your home has been sick or in contact with anyone that is sick, our consultation will need to be done virtually or rescheduled for a later date.

The Cat Counselor

The Cat Counselor is dedicated to improving the lives of cats and their guardians and strengthening their relationships.  By helping pet parents better understand their cat’s needs and behaviors, we are able to uncover the underlying causes of many inappropriate behaviors. We will work together on a personalized behavior and training plan to help address these undesired behaviors and replace them with more appropriate ones.   Through education, environmental enrichment, behavior modification, positive reinforcement and training, we are often able to significantly improve or resolve many of these behavioral issues. 


Even if you are not experiencing behavior issues, The Cat Counselor can help make sure you and your cats are happy and set-up for success!  If you are looking to add a feline friend for the first time, are a first time cat-parent or integrating another cat to the family, we can work together to make sure this is a smooth transition for everyone. 


It is always best to see your Veterinarian first, to rule out any health or medical issues, as many behavioral issues can stem from underlying health issues.  The Cat Counselor is NOT a Veterinarian, but we are happy to work with your Veterinarian on any behavioral challenges that you are experiencing or that may be due to underlying medical issues.


Cristin is a Certified Feline Behavior Consultant, also known as The Cat Counselor.  In addition to being a proud cat mom to 7, she has spent the past several years working closely with the cats of Los Angeles, volunteering with several local rescue organizations. The Cat Counselor has experience working with many cat behavior problems, including litter box issues, spraying, feline aggression, inappropriate scratching, new cat introductions, socialization, anxiety, compulsive disorders and many others. 


After completing an extensive year-long Advanced Feline Training program through Animal Behavior Institute, Cristin earned her CFTBS (Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist) and CAFTP (Certified Advanced Feline Training Professional).  Course work included classes in;

  • Low Stress Handling, Silver Certified

  • Feline Behavior & Enrichment

  • Feline Training

  • Advanced Feline Training

  • Feline Nutrition

  • Animal Behavior

  • Feline Behavior Consulting Mentorship

  • Feline Behavior Solutions

  • Animal Behavior Consulting Principles & Practice

  • More than 100 field hours dedicated to both in-home and shelter behavior cases.  


Over the years, Cristin has worked with hundreds of cats in both the home and shelter environments and is a member of numerous Animal Behavior associations;

  • IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) 

  • ABS (Animal Behavior Society)

  • PPG (Pet Professional Guild)

  • AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners)

  • ABMA (Animal Behavior Management Association)

  • SVBT (Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians)

  • SCVMA (Southern California Veterinary Medical Association) 

The Cat Counselor's mission is to help reduce the number of cats that are relinquished to the shelters for behavior issues.  With a little environmental enrichment, behavior modification and positive reinforcement, many behavior issues that result in cats being turned into the shelters can be easily resolved or reduced.  

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